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Tous les kits sont à l'échelle 1/12 sauf indication contraire.
All kits are 1/12th unless specified otherwise.

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Voici une image de ma vitrine presque pleine de modèles.../Check out my models display...

Honda RA273 - To come

Lotus 49B Ford F-1

Renault RE23

Williams Renault FW14B

Williams Renault FW19 Scale 1/24

Wolf Ford WR-1

Ferrari 312B Ferrari 312B

Ferrari 312T Ferrari 312T

Ferrari 312T2

Ferrari 312T3

Ferrari 312 T4

Ferrari 126 C2

Ferrari 641/2 (F190)

McLaren TAG MP4/2

McLaren Honda MP4/6 - Senna

McLaren Ford MP4/8 - Senna Scale 1/20

McLaren Mercedes MP4/13

J.P.S. MkIII- Lotus Ford

Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler

Lola T-70 Mk III - Ford

Porsche RSR Type 934

Porsche Martini 935

Porsche 930 - 1/24

JPE Caterham Super Seven

Lancia Stratos HF Alitalia Lancia Stratos HF Alitalia

Mercedes 500k
          1936 Mercedes 500k 1936 Scale 1/10

Alfa Romeo Pocher 1/8 Alfa Romeo - Scuderia Ferrari - Pocher 1/8

Ferrari 312B2 - Protar

Fujimi's Enthousiast Porsche series

356B, 356C, 911 from all eras and style...

McLaren M23 - Texaco-Malboro (Tamiya)

Lotus 72D (Tamiya)

Ferrari F40 - Pocher kit Scale 1/8

Mercedes 540k - Pocher kit Scale 1/8

Tyrrell F1 (just re-issued by Tamiya)

Matra M11 (just re-issued by Tamiya)

Ferrari 312 T5 (protar)

Any LeMans or CanAm big scale cars!!!


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Tient UT Porsche 911 GT1 EVO: 27.99 Cdn
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5$ Cnd shipping for 3 1/24 or 1 1/12
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Pas beaucoup de plastique et chere
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